Friday, July 29, 2011

Our thunderheads~

I awoke early this morning to a morning sky full of clouds.  It was a beautiful sunrise...pinks, oranges in the clouds...ahhhhhh....OUR monsoon season has finally arrived!!!  And, by noon, they were developing over our local mountains.  We have rain(!) forecast for the next two days ...(possibly...).  It's always a guess here in our desert.  Our monsoon storms come from the south, up over the Santa Rosa mountains from Mexico.  If I look out and see clouds over those mountains, and they are thunderheads, I'm pretty sure a summer storm is on its way.  And, that is happening this afternoon!  FINALLY!!!


clairz said...

There is absolutely nothing more welcome than clouds in the desert. Yours are lovely.

Tree Hugger said...

Ageee!! Lovely pictures!! I LOVE working with special ed and would lke to do it the rest of my life --- but the government seems to know more than me and I can only do so much!! What is equal to GOD is not always equal to man(goverment)!!