Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bodie, CA

Hubby and I have always heard of Bodie and we have driven by the turnoff countless times, but yesterday was our first visit to the town. Bodie is an old mining town, a ghost town now, and it sits above 8,000 feet north of Mono Lake, CA. It is a 9 mile paved road, then a 4 mile unpaved one. It is operated by the California state parks department and is open daily, in summer, from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Then, everybody is hustled out and the gates are locked! I can see why photographers love Bodie! We were there in the late afternoon and the afternoon light and shadows were wonderful! So wonderful, we are return today, to get pics in the early morning light! Bodie lies in the high desert of California and the desert there is full of sage! In fact, when we get out of the car to take pics, we can smell it. Delightful!


mrscravitz said...

How awesome! I love these old towns. Oh the stories that could be told, that I wish I knew from these old places!

bettyl said...

That's so awesome to be in such a place! Wow!

Linnea W said...

I loved Bodie when I went there. It's such a fun place to explore. We were there in the midday heat. I'd love to be there for sunset, but it sounds like they might throw you out before you get a chance to see it!