Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Garner Ranch cattle~That's My World 081109

When we aren't eating lunch or dinner in Idywild, we are driving by the Garner Cattle Ranch in Garner Valley, CA. Sometimes the cattle are near the road, but often they aren't. On this day, they were, so we stopped to take some photos of them! Aren't they beautiful? That's My World for August 11, 2009.


Dorothy said...

Cheryl, I'm so glad to find your blogs. I love all of Nature and try to capture it in photographs. Your pictures are great!

Dorothy Pepper

Reader Wil said...

Great pictures! Weren't lucky to see them so near the road?!!

Louise said...

That's a pretty setting for a cattle ranch.

Arija said...

What a lovely location for a cattle ranch, love the mountain scenery.
Funny, I have our cows on our post this time as well.