Monday, December 13, 2010

Geese in the desert~That's My World 121410

Yes, here in the desert southwest, we have geese. Not only do they fly overhead (click on top photo to enlarge), but here in Palm Desert, they set up winter housekeeping at some of the resorts, such as the Desert Springs Marriott. In fact, it is a bird sanctuary. A couple of times now, while I'm out on my morning walk, I've heard the "honk, honk, honk" of a flock of geese. This time, fortunately, I had my camera with me and I was able to point and shoot! Hubby and I were at our son's house in Indio one evening when flock after flock of birds (I believe they were ducks) flew over Hal's house. I didn't have my camera that evening, and we all just stood looking at them with our mouths open! There were so many birds! It was amazing. Canadian geese take up residence during the winter months at the hotel, much to the annoyance of golfers! But, ahhhh....just to hear their cries! It's music to my ears. That's My World for Tuesday, December 14, 2010.


Amiko said...

beautiful....! great shots!


Jacob said...

Greetings, Cheryl Ann! Thanks so much for visiting our Colorado in Color blog and commenting on the Bighorns. Not my best photos, but they are difficult to capture from a distance and once they saw me they started moving up.

This is a nice blog. I agree that Canadian geese are nice-looking but boy, are they messy!

I've lived in Los Angeles and in Phoenix, and have driven through your area many times in years past. Loved the date shakes we got at a Dairy Queen, I think in Indio...

I'm going to bookmark this I'll be back!

Verde Farm said...

How wonderful for those geese to get a winter’s stay at the Marriott resort like that. I would definitely go that route if I were flying south for winter. We have canadian geese here as well and they live in the ponds across the street from our place. I just love to watch them fly and hear them quacking each other onward :)