Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Water, water....EVERYWHERE! Nature Notes 122210

There is a major wash, the Whitewater Channel, which runs throughout our desert. It starts near Palm Springs and the water flows all the way down to the Salton Sea, about 50 miles away. Several golf courses, including this one in Palm Desert, were washed out during our recent winter storms that hit the desert over the past several days. I was talking to one gentleman who was also out viewing all the water washing by and he asked me, "Where does all this water go?" I believe it all does end up in the Salton Sea, which is the lowest point in the Coachella Valley at 200 feet below sea level. I stopped on Monterey Avenue and walked back to an area beside the bridge to take this photo. Nature Notes for December 22, 2010.


Rambling Woods said...

It is just horrible what is happening in your state. Just rain and rain causing all that mud..I hope it isn't affecting your property.. Michelle

Andrea said...

Even if the water is having its grand appearance, the photo composition is very beautiful.