Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ocotillo thorns~SOOC Sunday~081411

I love investigating desert plants, from agave to ocotillo, to desert lavendar, to palo verdes and saguaros.  Did you know most desert plants, like this ocotillo, DO have thorns or stickers?  One time, while visiting near the Superstition Mountains, hubby and I went for a walk through their cactus garden.  There is a lot of cholla there and I looked down at one cholla and to my horror, saw a young mockingbird impaled on it!  OUCH!  So, even desert birds have to be cautious around desert plants.  I know that some people walk out into the desert with shorts and flip flops...I NEVER do!  I always wear my hiking boots, socks, and long pants (recently, however, I have been wearing my hiking boots, socks, and capris).  There are just too many sharp, pointy things in the desert for me!  This is SOOC, for Sunday, August 14, 2011.  To visit SOOC Sunday, please go to:


danardoyle said...

Neat picture! I love unique and unusual shots! Cool!

Jan said...

Great capture. You're smart to dress with safety in mind.

Rohrerbot said...

Everyday I'm in the garden, I'm reminded of the thorns. I still have some in my hand from yesterday!