Friday, March 22, 2013

Joshua tree blossoms

I went on a field trip with my third graders to Joshua Tree national park today.  Actually, don't shudder...they were WELL behaved, except on the bus ride back to school.  Even the park ranger complimented us!   :-)  However, a couple of boys decided to scream and jump seats on the bus ride back (one's FATHER was just sitting there!!!!  :-( so I got up and yelled, "Would _____'s father PLEASE get him to sit down!"...  I mean, what kind of parent lets their kid jump from seat to seat on a school bus?  (...insert eye roll...) But, the park and town of Joshua Tree were FILLED with the blossoms of the joshua trees.  It was beautiful.  I have all next week off school and I plan on returning and spending a day at the park BY MYSELF (with some peace and quiet!)

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