Monday, September 8, 2008

Bighorn sheep Monday, September 8, 2008

It was just announced on our local news tonight that the Bighorn sheep land here in our local mountains will be reduced BY HALF! WHAT? An endangered species' habitat is being reduced? Yes. Apparently the other half up for grabs is for "development purposes". There are so few Bighorn sheep left in our local mountains that apparently they don't need as much land. I just heard there are only 800 left in California! There is a meeting Wednesday night at the Living Desert. I think I'll go. This is insanity! It would be a pity if another species disappeared from our planet. I will keep you posted as to the developments in this story. These photos were taken at the Living Desert Reserve. They have a herd of Bighorn sheep there and people love to stop and observe them. They aren't always easy to see! They blend in with the rocks! Hubby says he has seen one while I was driving down the mountain. He says it was silhoutted against the sky. I'm always driving, so I don't get to scour the mountainside, but I'm glad he did get to see one. While he can, that is.

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