Saturday, September 20, 2008

Swainson's hawk???

It was a BEAUTIFUL, crystal clear day in the mountains today and it wasn't 90 degrees! In fact, when I drove up, it was about 60! After going to the swap meet, I worked my thoroughbred, Gigondas, then proceeded to drive down the hill back to the desert. As I was leaving, a hawk took off in a field. It wasn't a red tailed hawk. I KNOW those hawks. It was a beautiful, lightly colored one. By the time I pulled over to take a closer look, it was soaring away. I looked it up in a bird book and asked around and apparently it was a Swainson's hawk. Here are two photos I found...see the open field? That's like the field where I saw the hawk. Aren't they beautiful?

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Jeannelle said...

Oh, captured two very stunning views of this hawk! Good for you! I've only ever gotten distant blurry shots of hawks.