Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cheetah! September 29, 2008

The Living Desert has cheetahs on exhibit, but we rarely see them. First, they blend in with their surroundings so well and hide in the tall grass that even when they are out, sometimes we don't see them! Second, they aren't let out that often! Third, we just never seem to get there at the right time. This trip, in 2004, however, we did! It was early morning, when they had just been released from their cages. Can you see the cheetah? Isn't he beautiful?


Fred said...

The Black Box travel agent sent me here. I really enjoyed my visit.

The music brought back memories, too. When I lived in Europe, Delta Air Lines used the Enya song to promote their services from the States.

Cheryl said...

Dear Fred, Thanks for the note! I've found quite a few new blogs due to the black box! I had never heard the Enya song before, until I was cruising I have ALL of her albums! Thanks for stopping by!