Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Desert bighorn sheep Jan 6, 2009

We used to see the wild bighorn sheep fairly often at a vet's office in Rancho Mirage. They used to come down from the hills and nibble on the grass there, but since the city fenced off that area, we don't see them anymore. We were able to drive right by them! I've heard that they have been seen at The Lodge in Rancho Mirage, nibbling on the hibiscus! So, recently a reader of our local paper, The Desert Sun, submitted a photo of a herd of bighorn sheep at PGA West in La Quinta. This isn't my photo and I apologize to whoever took it, but I just had to show everyone! When they can't find food in the hills, they will sometimes come down into "civilized" areas to graze and nibble on the flowers! Aren't they beautiful? Hubby, who is always my "navigator" while I'm driving on the way to and from the horses, has seen wild ones a couple of times on our way down the hill, but I haven't. I'm too busy driving!


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Danielle Michelle said...

Aren't they awesome!? I love seeing them when we go up in the mountains or going through the valley to Canyon City

Vaquerogirl said...

They would be so cool to see up close!