Saturday, January 24, 2009

Modern art? January 24, 2009

These modern petroglyphs are at the entrance to the city of Palm Desert. They represent the various animals that were once in our local mountains. Bighorn sheep still roam there, but bears don't. I've never seen a deer. There ARE bobcats and mountain lions, so they MUST prey on something, but the deer must be wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy out. I actually saw a bobcat in a wash, once! And, a friend's goats were attacked by a mountain lion up in the mountains several years ago. Anyway, I enjoyed seeing the modern petroglyphs, which were done by a local artist.

The bottom ones were taken just before sunrise, so that's why the others are lighter.

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Ed said...

Very cool, I used to hike in King's Canyon outside Tuscon and got some great petroglyph pics. I aslo went to the Painted Desert in Holbrook Az once and saw the Puerco indian ruins and petroglyphs, very interesting.