Thursday, January 15, 2009

empty field and clouds January 15, 2009

Sometimes on the weekends I like to drive around. I spotted this empty field with the whispy clouds above one Sunday. For those of you knee deep in snow or water, this is a change of scenery. We are scheduled for more 70 degree days for the next week, which means no rain, which means California continues her drought. The Coachella Valley is now instituting a water conservation plan. I actually use very little water at my home because I don't use automatic sprinklers, like our neighbors. Theirs came on even during our rain last month! HELLO! Turn them OFF! I have also planted a lot of native trees and shrubs, so they don't use much water. I have palo verde trees, acacia, Texas lavendar, and Mexican bird of paradise. I also have two desert willows.


Torsdag said...

Hope there will be more rain, I would like to see "Green California" in April while I'm visiting the Atascadero aera.
May bee we will visit some desert places because it is not very hot in the spring.
Hallo from Germany Hartmut

Vaquerogirl said...

How well I remember the last grat Drought we suffered. Using Gray water to keep a few plants alive, not flushing the toilet "If it's yellow it's mellow- if it's brown flush it down",No lawns, no washing your cars, the resavoirs all ran dry...sheesh. I guess out in the desert country these things might well be going on today, but we'll all have to pitch in and conserve soon.

Luminata said...

You have talent, no doubt about it! Love the photo. :)