Saturday, January 31, 2009

vineyard January 30, 2009

When I taught school further down in the Coachella Valley, my school was surrounded by vineyards. I switched schools about 10 years ago and my new one is in a residential area. I miss the vineyards. My kids and I used to take a "field trip" out into the vineyards and observe the vines growing. We also studied the animal footprints which were left every night. They were so quiet. So, yesterday afternoon, instead of driving home on the freeway, I chose to take my old route through the vineyards. There aren't as many nowadays. Developments have encroached on the vineyards and date fields. But, this old, old vineyard was still there and the vines were quiet now, but, in the spring, new life will suddenly appear on them. I will have to update these pics in April! They were watering the vines yesterday afternoon and when I stopped to take pics, I could hear the water gurgling up through the water trough. It was eerily quiet out there, except for the banging and drizzling of the water.

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