Friday, January 22, 2010

Desert rain~SkyWatch Friday 012210

Our desert sands, plants, and even animals are saturated by 5 days of rain this week. I was surprised to see my front yard full of doves yesterday morning. I had thrown out some birdseed the previous afternoon and there they were, in the rain, feeding. Poor little things! I went for a drive and found our mountains hidden by clouds and our washes full of water. At this point, I pulled into the parking lot of a popular hiking spot and took these photos. One more day of scattered showers and then tomorrow our skies should clear! SkyWatch Friday for January 22, 2010.


Judy said...

Looks a perfect place for a hike, too!!!!

Diane AZ said...

It looks so beautiful in the desert after the rain!

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ Judy, a perfect place for a hike - but you have to take lots of drinking water, since it's in the desert! Great shots