Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chasing the Rainbow(s)~SkyWatch Friday 022510

Early last Sunday morning, I drove up the mountain in search of some ocotillos which are getting blossoms on them. It was early enough in the morning that I could actually stop on the roadway and have no traffic behind me! (6:30 a.m.) I took the photos that I'd wanted to take for months now (see them on my Deserts and Beyond blog ~~ I decided to continue up the mountain, knowing that it was raining and possibly snowing at the higher elevations and that I might not be able to get to my horses. But, I drove on anyway. As I came around the corner where the clouds drift across the top of the Santa Rosa mountains, I spotted a beautiful rainbow! I mean, it was in full splendor! Of course, I had to investigate it further! So, I drove on. I followed it up my favorite road in Pinyon. To the north and east, it was sunny and clear, but to the south and west, it was dark, cloudy, and raining...perfect conditions for a rainbow. In fact, there was not only one rainbow, but another! The only other place I've seen a double rainbow has been Canyon de Chelly, in Arizona. That's why I love these mountains so much! The weather is constantly changing, and it can change in an instant. As the rainbow faded, I headed up the mountain to see my horses and when I returned, about an hour later, the rainbows were gone. Skywatch Friday for February 26, 2010. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both my husband, Art, and our grandson, Benjamin! Little Ben is one year old and I'd better not tell you how old my husband is (he's 60!!!) Ha, ha! I told everybody!


Sylvia K said...

What gorgeous skies you have and what a magnificent rainbow! Isn't if fun to chase them? Happy Birthday to your husband and your grandson! How fun! Oh, Lord, just realized, I'm old enough to be your husband's mother!! Yipes! Talk about not wanting to talk about age!!! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Enjoy, it only gets better, believe me!


J Bar said...

Amazing rainbows from every angle.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

LV said...

Rainbows and sunsets make for the best pictures. Yous of the rainbows are very good.

Johnny Nutcase said...

awesome ! love these photos, looks and sounds like a perfect day! :)