Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bench at Grand Canyon~Shadow Shot Sunday 062010

I found this shady spot and bench at the north rim of the Grand Canyon the day we stopped there. It was at the hotel there and the kids had hiked down a rather steep tail (too steep for me!). So, I relaxed here and watched all the hikers come up the trail, huffing and puffing! Shadow Shot Sunday for June 20, 2010.


Manang Kim said...

Ain't nice to see them huffing and puffing? Hehehe! I may be adventurous but I would doubt to go down too. This place is enough for me, a good place to relax and take a lot of picture of the scenery around. Happy Sunday!

Clytie said...

And what a beautiful and peaceful spot to sit and wait.

Carol said...

Any chance you met Geogypsy? She is a ranger at the canyon. Her blog:

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

rustic bench
rim of Grand Canyon
resting place

Bug, No Rug

Cheryl Ann said...

Carol, NO! We didn't see her, but it is a huge place! I thought about asking, but then got sidetracked! Maybe next trip!