Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"U" is for...ABC Wednesday 060910

UNINHABITED. And, Bodie, CA is uninhabited. There are a few park rangers that do live there, but it is a ghost town. Sometimes it is eerily empty and quite, but over the Memorial Day weekend, it was full of laughter, talk, and people! There were special tours to the cemetery and some volunteers were dressed in costumes from the late 1800's. But, Bodie is mostly UNINHABITED. We like to go there and concentrate on specific shots. One time, it was morning shots, another visit, it was afternoon shots. This time was UNIQUE because there was still snow on the ground (yes! on Memorial Day!). Each visit to Bodie is UNIQUE! ABC Wednesday for June 9, 2010.


Roger Owen Green said...

I love the post - ghost town!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Tumblewords: said...

Interesting shots! Amazing weather this year - hard to believe there would be snow that late, but... Great U.

ChrisJ said...

These are really great photos! I love that weathered wood brown. I have never been to Bodie but I have heard about it.

Carol said...

Thank you for the opportunity to visit Bodie. Ghost towns and old towns with a history are so neat to visit - such great photo-taking places.