Sunday, November 14, 2010

Coffee mug~Sunday Stills Challenge 111410

Hubby and I love to stop in Williams, AZ whenever we are headed to Flagstaff and we ALWAYS stop at the Pine Country Restaurant, which is right across the street from the visitor center and the Grand Canyon Railway. If you want a good, hot meal, this is the place to come! Oh, and their pies are great, too! I bought a coffee mug one time we stopped there and I use it quite frequently at home. It brings back wonderful memories! Sunday Stills Challenge for November 14, 2010.


Verde Farm said...

How fun. We always buy coffee cups from our travels and so many end up broken along the way. I bet the food is wonderful there.

Anonymous said...

I like drinking out of coffee cups that bring back memories too.

Judy said...

That is just one of the neat things about traveling, collecting different coffee cups!
We have a livestock sale barn in our area whose cafe has a kinds of different coffee mugs from all over. It is always interesting to see where all they came from.
Nice photos by the way!