Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oak Creek Canyon~Scenic Sunday 110710

Hubby and I drove over to Arizona for the weekend. We both took a day off work (and a day away from stress!) to drive up along the Colorado River on the Arizona side. We are staying in Kingman, AZ and yesterday we got up early and drove to Williams for breakfast. Then, we drove through the aspen forest outside of Flagstaff and out to Sunset Crater. The aspen near Flagstaff were pretty much gone, but there were still some out at the crater. Then hubby suggested we drive down through Oak Creek Canyon. Oh, my! While the aspen were past their prime, the oaks and other trees in the canyon were in full glory! We spent over two hours there and enjoyed every minute of it! There were a lot of people out enjoying the last burst of color, too! I'm glad we visited the canyon while we were in Arizona. We were there a few summers ago, long before the leaves turned, so this was indeed a feast for the eyes! Scenic Sunday for November 7, 2010. For other participants, please visit:


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Found you via Scenic Sunday. I remember my first visit to Oak Creek Canyon vividly. Beautiful, awe-inspiring spot in our world! You've made me yearn to return. Thank you so much!

Verde Farm said...

How beautiful. What a great way to de-stress and appreciate the important things in life. Wonderful!