Sunday, November 28, 2010

Profile picture~Sunday stills Challenge 112810

That's me and my gelding, Sunni. I actually took this photo with my little NIKON Coolpix by holding it arms' length out and praying that I was actually taking a picture of something besides blue sky! HA! IT WORKED! (sort of...) I very rarely have anybody else with me when I work my horses (unless a friend offers to come along and help!), so it's usually just me and the horses. I have 5, all rescues. I fell off a friend's horse in the summer of 2008 and I haven't been back on a horse since then. My orthopedic surgeon said I would never ride a horse again. I now have permanent nerve damage in both legs and I get horrible leg cramps, and I haven't been back on a horse, so we'll see. My cousin has offered to let me ride one of her Tennessee Walkers and I plan on doing that this winter, while she is here in the desert. Sunni is still young and skittish and would NOT be a good horse for me to ride right now. Frankly, none of mine are really rideable for me right now, but I do have two of them in training. Sunni was my first horse and I adopted him from United Pegasus Foundation when they were in Hemet, CA. I had been going there, looking at their horses, and giving them carrots. Little did I know that Sunni was one of the horses in the yearling pen, along with several others that I was feeding. He is a PMU gelding, which means his mother was bred for her urine, which was used to PREMARIN. PMU stands for pregnant mare urine. I also have two thoroughbreds and two mustang fillies. I never had a horse as a child and once our children were out of the house and FINALLY on their own, I adopted Sunni and then the others. Sunday Stills Challenge for November 28, 2010.


Anonymous said...

Great shot of you and Sunni. I loved the story about your rescues. :)

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing- took pics of me with some of my horses. Beautiful story. I hope you'll be able to ride someday, even for a little while. Horses are very therapeutic with their movement. Maybe it will help your legs. Let's pray for that!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Fun shot of you and Sunni :)
I always enjoy reading about how you adopted your horses. They are lucky to have you taking care of them :)


Sandy said...

What an awesome photo for what I call an "arms length" pic! Especially with two subjects! It's a very fun photo!!