Monday, July 6, 2009

Flagstaff and Salsa Brava

Hubby and I pulled into Flagstaff this afternoon. We drove downtown to the visitor center/Amtrak train station and got some photos of an old train there, one that used to haul lumber. We had an absolutely HORRIBLE lunch at the Downtown Diner. You would think that it being one of the few diners downtown, it would have decent food. NOT!!! My turkey sandwich barely had 1 slice of turkey, some "cheese food spread" and no dressing! I mean, PLEASE!!! For $6.00? Oh, and soggy bread!!! Hubby had a hamburger with the "cheese spread", NO dressing, NO lettuce, NO tomato, NOTHING extra on it. HUH? This has to be one of the WORST diners/restaurants/dives we've ever walked into. Believe me, we will NEVER go back!!! STAY AWAY from The Downtown Diner. It should be "The Downtown Dive"!!! Just my humble opinion, of course!

So, before we decided to find a place for dinner, we did some research, not wishing to revisit our lunch disaster. Knowing that US Highway 66 runs through Flagstaff, we investigated "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" online and found Salsa Brava, a Mexican restaurant. The menu looked intriguing, so off we headed. And, we were not disappointed this time.!!! :-) The food was great, the flavors mingled, and they have a salsa bar! They hand you 2 small cups and you get to pick out your level of salsa. Mild ones are in the middle, hotter ones on the edges. So, of course, I picked a hot, smoky one and it was delicious! Here is their website: It was beautifully decorated, the server was warm and polite, and we were FINALLY at ease eating again!


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