Tuesday, November 25, 2008

rain forecast~ November 25, 2008

Our first rainfall is on the way! I'm excited because I threw out some California poppy seeds and African daisies and they haven't sprouted yet. They always seem to sprout when we have our first natural rainfall. I've sprinkled them with the hose and....NOTHING! Not one sprout has come up~ Anyway, apparently we not only have a storm coming in from the west, but also "tropical moisture". That means moisture coming up from Mexico and the Gulf of California. We NEED the rain here in our desert. As the cold fronts come through, snow is forecast for about 6,500 feet. My horses are at 4,000 feet and last winter they did get some snow, but it looks like this week it will be just rain, rain, and more rain.
But I'm happy that my tomatoes, beans, snap peas, and sweet peas are growing. Here's a couple of pics of them.

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