Sunday, November 30, 2008

Seeing Palm Canyon 113008

After leaving the entrance kiosk, we drove a couple of miles on a very narrow road up to the trading post and Palm Canyon. Palm Canyon is at the end of Highway 111, Palm Canyon Drive. There is a parking lot there and we could see the cars sparkling when we were driving up to it. From this spot, it is 15 miles up to the Cahuilla Indians' winter grounds in the oak trees on Highway 74. They still retain that land today. My friend Barbara, who lives up in the mountains, takes her horses and rides partway down the trail which leads down into Palm Canyon. Here are some pics of our first view of the palm trees. I was much more cautious about where I was walking after reading the sign!


Vaquerogirl said...

Wow! Cool! Is Palm Canyon a natural happening- or did someone plant these years ago. I LOVED the sign- Rattlesnake HABITAT!
I really like your new picture header too! Fantastic!

Diane C. said...

I've never seen this place before, it looks awesome! Interesting to see palm trees untrimmed for a change.

Arvind said...

That sign would've made me worry too much about the rattlesnakes too! Beautiful pics. Came here via carnival of the arid.