Thursday, December 4, 2008

Canyon geology December 4, 2008

When hubby and I were leaving Palm Canyon, I noticed the rocks jutting out of the earth. Must be a fault line right there, I thought. Yup. Notice how the rocks come out of the earth at an angle? That's why there is a stream through the canyon and why so many palm trees grow in that area. You can always spot fault lines in our southern California deserts...just look for palm trees and an oasis! Look at the rocks coming RIGHT out of the earth!
The Cahuilla Indians even have a legend to explain earthquakes. Tahquitz, according to one version of the legend, lived in the canyons and when he stood up and moved, he caused an earthquake! Since he was a HUGE man, this helped them to explain earthquakes in our region. An earthquake!'s just ole Tahquitz moving around, shifting his position! Isn't that clever? I was actually on top of Mt. San Jacinto once during a fairly good-sized earthquake. Being on top of 10,000 feet of granite, it was a rather sharp jolt, unlike our desert earthquakes, which seem to rumble through the region. This one was sudden, sharp, and strong. During desert earthquakes, I can usually hear them moving through the sand FIRST and they are more like waves. This one was definitely a sharp jolt!


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What wonderful pictures! And I have never herd of that legend! I'll add it to my repetoir!