Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rundown farm house

This old, burned out farmhouse lies in the mountains and hubby and I see it on our way to visit our horses. I have often wanted to stop and take photos of it and when it recently snowed in our local mountains, we had the opportunity to do so one afternoon. It looks so beautiful in the snow! We can't drive down to see it unless we take our 4-wheel RAV and we usually drive up the mountain with my Honda CRV, but one day, when we have the RAV, I would love to explore it up close. I wonder what stories it will tell?


Anonymous said...

Oh I'll be looking for that post - that will be very interesting to know!

Diane C. said...

That rundown farm house looks so intriguing. It would be neat to take a closer look sometime. I rarely see abandoned places around here, seems they are too quickly demolished and taken away.