Saturday, February 14, 2009

Snow! February 14, 2009 Happy Valentine's Day!

This last snow storm was a big one, even according to longtime residents of our local mountains. We'll be drinking this water in eight years, since that is how long it takes to percolate into our soil, through all the layers of rock. (My class visits the water district every year...I'm just a fountain of trivia!) We drove up to the mountains to see our horses yesterday. They are at 4,000 feet and there was still quite a bit of snow where they are. These pictures were taken at about 4,500 feet. We like to stop at this little cafe and have breakfast. NOBODY was eating outside yesterday! Hubby and I were bundled up with extra layers, but...after feeding the horses and being outdoors in the cold, I was so cold that I came home and bundled up all afternoon and sat in front of the TV for hours! Brrrrrrrr! For desert dwellers like us, who aren't used to the snow and cold, our bodies just aren't used to having to fight it and stay warm! Today, we may head out to the opposite side of the valley and take some pictures out that way.

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Stay warm & Happy Valentine's Day!