Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Water tower~~That's My World Tuesday Feb. 10, 2009

When I drove home last week through the date orchards, I spotted this water tower along one of the back roads. Since then, I've seen another one. Now water storage tanks are at ground level, especially when people have to dig their own wells, which is up in the mountains. Our desert is lucky to have both Colorado River water AND a huge underground reservoir of water, which our water company, Coachella Valley Water District, pumps.


Lily Hydrangea said...

what a gorgeous landscape. You guys are lucky!

Grammy said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful world. I love the photo.
Have a great week.
Missouri, USA

Ishtar said...

Beautiful landscape!
Warm greetings from one desert to another!

Tranquility said...

Beautiful sky backdrop for your desert landscape. Very pretty.

Diane C. said...

The water tower looks beautiful gleaming in the sun against the cloudy sky.