Friday, March 5, 2010

Wupatki sunset~SkyWatch Friday 030510

This is another photo from our visit to Wupatki. Wupatki is a series of ruins near the Painted Desert and is below the Sunset Crater area. The native Americans there raised corn, squash, and beans and you can see a model of a garden. Of course, they depended on the rainfall to sustain their crops. Minerals from the nearby Sunset Crater improved the soil, but a volcanic eruption also drove the people away. So, now it sits, alone and empty. If you stop there, remember that it is very hot during the summer, so take sunscreen and extra water. The visitor's center has interesting exhibits and you will learn a lot about the people and the nearby volcanic craters. This area always seems to have thunderstorms during the monsoon season, so also be aware of that.

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