Saturday, April 3, 2010

Coachella Valley Preserve~Scenic Sunday 040410

The Coachella Valley Preserve is located in Thousand Palms, CA. It has preserved one of the desert's palm oases and is open daily. It is also free! If you wish to get an idea of what our desert southwest was like, especially in this area, you should definitely visit the CVP. The preserve lies ON and around the San Andreas Fault line and that is why there are so many palms. They grow and thrive on the water that seeps up from the ground. I noticed a little spring flowing there, but I didn't find the lake, which is on the property. I visitied the preserve yesterday morning and only had about an hour to walk around because I was meeting my cousin for lunch. I'd like to return with my husband, as he has never been there (and, he grew up in this valley!) Of course, he took a Jeep Tour to the Indian village (which I haven't done) and I would love to do that some day! It is very cool and moist among the palm trees, which is why our local Indians lived among these oases. Here is a link to the website for the preserve, if you wish to learn more about it: Scenic Sunday for April 4, 2010.


Carolyn Ford said...

I was there several years ago...thank you for the reminder to return again! It's beautiful and I love the walking platform (not sure what to call it).

EG Wow said...

The palm trees have such lovely texture making me feel like I'm omn a tropical island.

cat said...

What lovely and exotic pictures :)