Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pushawalla Canyon and San Andreas Fault~Scenic Sunday for 041110

Yesterday afternoon, after spending the morning with my horses and brushing, brushing, brushing them (it's SPRING!), I met my cousin Valerie at her house. She had promised to show me where to park and hike into Pushawalla Canyon, in the Indio Hills. She took one of her horses with her and rode in, while I hiked back about a mile into the canyon. She had told me about the sheer cliffs there (she was riding on top of them, while I was below, in the canyon) and I remembered reading that the San Andreas Fault went right through them, so I stopped along my way and took these pictures. Don't look at the palm trees! Look at the cliffs and how they slant upward at a diagonal. That is typical fault geology. Those cliffs should be parallel to the ground, NOT at a 45 degree angle! That's from the fault. Also, the palms in the canyon are also from the fault. Faults make cracks in the earth's surface, from which water in the underground aquafer rises to the top. I noticed that on my hike back out of the canyon, there were several springs. Water just came to the top of the surface, flowed a way, and then dried up. It was interesting to see all the little springs in the canyon. Hmmmm...probably not a good place to be when the big one hits, eh? I enjoyed my hike through the canyon and will post more about it in future posts. Be sure to look at these pics of the cliffs and see how they jut upward!

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