Friday, April 2, 2010

Yesterday's sunrise~SkyWatch Friday 040210

We desert dwellers awoke to cloudy skies yesterday morning. But, as you know, that is sometimes a blessing, especially if there is a break in the clouds and the rising sun comes through. I headed out when I spotted a beautiful red sunrise to the east. I pulled over in the middle of Palm Desert yesterday morning (there was only one other car on the road at this hour) and took this photo. I headed out for my morning walk and it soon began to sprinkle! Our storm was a nice relief from the 80's we had experienced during the week. Temps are heading back to the mid 80's next week. SkyWatch Friday for April 2, 2010. Enjoy your day!


Helen said...

Love the hues of your desert skies ... we also have wonderful sunsets and sunrises here on the High Desert. Enjoy this very special weekend.

Powell River Books said...

Please send us some of your sunshine. We could use it and the warmth today for sure. - Margy

Kcalpesh said...

Amazing gradient of colors in the sky! Supershot!

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