Saturday, August 9, 2008

Canyon de Chelly late afternoon light

Late afternoon, in my opinion, is the best time to take photographs. You get that beautiful light and LONG shadows. Here are some pics of Canyon de Chelly with late afternoon light. Enjoy!
Chinle is the Navajo town which is right outside Canyon de Chelly. We stayed at the Holiday Inn, which has a wonderful restaurant right at the hotel. There is also a Best Western hotel in Chinle. Other than Chinle, the next good sized town is about two hours away. There is a campground also in Chinle and a Canyon de Chelly campground right out by the rim.
If you have any questions about Canyon de Chelly, please email me. There are jeep tours that go down into the canyon. They are anywhere from $50 - $66 per person for a 3 hour trip. You can additionally go on a private tour for upwards to $250.00 per hour. The Holiday Inn at Chinle has information on the jeep tours. When we stopped above the Antelope Ruins, we could look down into the canyon and see the 9:00 a.m. jeep tours! We have never been on one, yet, but would like to take one someday! They also have 6 hour tours into the canyon. With our knees, we opted to stay on top and look down!

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