Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Williams, AZ

Williams, AZ is a small town about 60 miles outside the Grand Canyon. There are many hotels there. The town also has the train that goes to the Grand Canyon. We've never taken it and I'd like to do that someday! The train station is right across from our favorite restaurant, the Pine Country Restaurant. It is decorated with real pine floors and walls and a ceiling! Very homey and the food is always delicious! The coffee is hot and fresh! They also serve pie, but we are always too full to indulge! Anyway, here are some pics of Williams.

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Mikey said...

Williams is a blast! If you have lil kids or grandkids, and absolute MUST is going on the "Polar Express" around Christmas time. Kids love it, the prices are reasonable and it's just plain fun! Your pics brought back memories :)