Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Palm Canyon and Cahuilla Indians Dec 3, 2008

The Cahuilla Indians lived in these palm canyons during the desert winters and moved up into the mountains and the oak groves during the summers. They had water nearby from the streams and the palm trees provided excellent shade. They also provided materials for their houses and baskets. I used to visit the Palm Springs Desert Museum with my classes and see their beautifully woven baskets which were also made from the palm tree fronds. They were woven so tightly that they were waterproof! Incredible! These photos show how they used the palm fronds.


Amanda said...

Hey I would like to move to those canyons for the winter! They are beautiful. Where are they?

Torsdag said...

Thank you for presenting Palm Canyon, I never heard about that place before.
I think I have to learn a lot about californian deserts.
Hallo from Germany

Vaquerogirl said...

It somehow looks primevel- the use of palm fronds and sticks- and like something I may have seen before...somewhere. Beautiful and creepy and wonderful all at the same time. Weird huh!