Monday, March 9, 2009

desert mountain late afternoon

We drove down the hill yesterday afternoon about 5:30, which meant it was really about 4:30. That's a good time to drive down and see all the afternoon shadows on things in the mountains. Hubby and I pulled off before we descended back into the desert and got out at an overlook. I wandered around, camera in hand, while he choose to stay near the parking lot. I haven't seen his photos yet, but I found this pinyon pine tree. In the background, you can see the snow which is still on the higher mountains.

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Abe said...

I don't know many people born in Arizona, New Mexico or Texas. So when I read blogs I usually look to see if their home place is mentioned. I guess it is because when I was in Arizona, as a snot-nosed kid, the Mount Lemon mountains was a place to pan for gold and the rattlesnakes on A-mountain in Tucson was a place to avoid. I don't remember looking at the environment so I wouldn't know a pinyon tree if I saw one. Now I know. It is a nice photograph and a reminder that Arizona might be a better place for me to live than Ohio.