Thursday, March 5, 2009

Red barn in Pinyon

I'm on a quest to find barns in Riverside County! There aren't very many of them in our desert. It doesn't get cold enough to really justify the expense down here and the wood wouldn't hold up well with the dry air and heat. But, up in the mountains, where they get snow, I would think a barn would be essential. BUT...they just aren't there! If people have a barn, it's a metal one. My friend Barbara has the only red wooden barn up in Pinyon and I'm on the prowl to try to find others. I've asked around, but there just aren't many!!! I'll be posting about them as I find them over the next several months. Here is Barb's red barn. My parents' ranch down in Vista has a BEAUTIFUL, huge, red barn, but I won't get down that way until spring break. My dad actually re-roofed it many years ago! It is owned by new owners now (my folks owned the ranch when I was about 10), but I'd love to stop by and ask permission to take photos of the barn and document it. Isn't Barb's barn pretty against the snow on the mountains?


Diane C. said...

That barn certainly is a beauty! It is interesting that even in the mountains where it snows, there aren't many barns. I also don't understand why most homes in the southwest don't have basements.

Tricia said...

Yes it is pretty - and I would think there would be more in the mountains too, at least to keep things out of the weather - the snow and cold. Hmmm! Well, I'll be watching for your barn posts cuz now you have me curious!

Linnea W said...

I went out looking for barns on we suggested. It was raining, so I didn't shot any, but believe it or not, I found some even out here in growing San Ramon. I made a mental note of where they are and I'll go back at another time to photograph them. I don't know how much longer they'll be around as the suburban housing developments are taking over! Love your shots and story. Enjoy!