Saturday, March 14, 2009

More flower pics from my garden

I haven't had a decent garden in years! The last few years I've been either too sick or too tired or both (see my blog, for my journey from being sick and tired to now having plenty of energy! So, this week I stopped at both Home Depot and Lowe's and scouted their flower and vegetable selections. Here in the lower desert, we HAVE to get things planted by March (HA! this month) before the heat settles in! I have already planted my wisteria on one of our porch columns and I also have some kind of trumpet vine which is blooming. While the wisteria hasn't shown much growth, I had one last spring and summer (until SOMEONE forgot to water it while we were on vacation) and it died. So, I bought another one! I have 3 Early Girl tomatoes that are already blooming and I wanted to round out my vegetable garden, so I hit the two stores. I bought some cherry tomatoes, 2 Big Boy tomatoes, some basil, rosemary, and squash seeds, both zucchini and yellow squash! I have a 6x6 railroad tie garden out front which gets full sun, so that is my main garden spot. I also planted some sunflower seeds and African daisy seeds out in front of my fence and they are growing and blooming. So, here are some pics of my desert garden in front of our fence. My vegetable one is in the front yard and I'll take some pics of it this afternoon. Thank you, Dee, for inspiring me!

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Dreamer said...

I do love your flowers. I have always had my wonderful yard in Reno and now will be starting all over again. Take lots of pictures and share them, I love to see gardens. It is great to see people enjoy the things they grow. Just growing a garden is so cool now a days!