Sunday, March 1, 2009

rail fence in the mountains~Scenic Sunday for March 1, 2009

When I drove up the mountain yesterday to see my horses, I stopped by my friend Barbara's place up in Pinyon. She told me where to find a barn/house, and across the street from it was this rail fence. Now, the southern California desert doesn't have many rail fences, so this one was unusual! The heat and the dry air just weather them down! But, this one was still in fairly decent shape and I had to stop and take some pics of it! Scenic Sunday for March 1, 2009.


Sharon said...

Nice scenic photos. It's amazing a fence like that stays up!

Diane C. said...

Beautiful series of photos. I love the fence as well as the scenery.

Anonymous said...

What about some kind of sealant? Would that work in that weather? These fences are so neat - they really add that extra bit to the scenery!