Saturday, May 30, 2009

Joshua Tree today!

Hubby and I are heading out to Joshua Tree today (again)! This time, it is warmer and hopefully we'll get better pics. We went in February and it was cold and rainy and snowing!~brrrrrrrrr! However, today there may be thunderstorms. We have a family function to attend. I was supposed to make potato salad last night (OOPS! I forgot!), so I'm in the doghouse. Well, I have to drive out to see the horses, feed them, work Sunni, my gelding, and be home by 12:00. Er, I don't think I have time to make potato salad. Looks like a stop to Bristol Farms. I promise pics tomorrow and next week! In the meantime, here are some pics of the thunderheads developing over our mountains that I took from my car, driving home yesterday. More thunderstorms are forecast for today. August weather in May...go figure! Enjoy your weekend!

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